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Celebrant Led Ceremonies

Updated: May 14

Wedding Ceremonies In The UK

Most couples are aware that for a wedding to be legal in the UK they have two options: a religious ceremony held at any registered religious building, or a non religious civil ceremony officiated by a registrar at a registry office or a venue approved by the local council.

However, there is a third option: a Celebrant Led Ceremony, please read ‘Statutory Office Ceremony’ below for the legal requirements.

Non Religious Ceremony Officiated By A Registrar

A registrar is employed and trained by local councils. The location has to be a Licenced Venue, where the registrar has a generic script which they have to read, in order to legalise your marriage. They can perform a number of ceremonies a day, so their time is restricted.

Their ceremonies are not personalised and are read by the registrar whom you meet on your wedding day, not someone that you have already got to know and who has got to know you.

Dependent on the locality, the cost for a registrar to attend your venue can vary quite considerably. In certain localities, this can prove to be a costly option.

Statutory Office Ceremony

Separate the ‘legal’ from the wonderous celebration of your Celebrant Led Wedding Ceremony. To fulfil the legal requirements, you can book a weekday appointment with the local registry office for a Statutory Office Ceremony. I would recommend that this appointment takes place prior to your Celebrant Led Ceremony. This is for couples who want to sign the paperwork to complete their legal union, in the presence of two witnesses, to then go on and have the wedding of their dreams!

Fees vary in different localities.

At this time, locally to Hampshire and West Sussex they range from £46 to £78.

Celebrant Led Wedding Ceremony

With a Celebrant Led Ceremony there are no constraints; not with location, ideas, themes, symbolic elements, religious, non religious, spiritual beliefs, diverse cultures, values, lifestyles or time.

Wedding Celebrants come in all shapes and sizes and each of us has our own style of working.

My Individual Style

With me, all that I will have in readiness to start creating your ceremony, is a blank canvas, ready to fill with your most precious memories. I will get to know you, as individuals and as a couple. I will listen to your romantic, funny, embarrassing tales, that make up your journey so far.

We will work closely together to create your personal, totally bespoke ceremony, which will be woven around your Love Story. To include Promises and Vows that you want to make to each other in the presence of your family and friends.

If you have children or pets, we can discuss if you’d like them to be included in your ceremony. You could have your dog as your ring bearer. Your little ones could place your ribbons for your Handfasting, or pour sand during your Unity Sand Ceremony.

There are so many ways to include your loved ones, to truly bring families together and personalise your Special Day.

I will be your story teller and be there for anything you need on your Wedding Day.

You deserve to have the Wedding Ceremony that encapsulates you and the journey that you have already made. A true celebration of you embarking on your new chapter, that is Married Life Together.

In Conclusion

The most important day of your lives should be a genuine reflection of you. You should not have to compromise, or worry about what others think.

If your ideal wedding ceremony is to be at one with nature, with only your select nearest and dearest around you to celebrate your union, then that is what you should have.

If you want to shine and have the most magnificent extravaganza, then that is what you should have.

Don’t think that your wishes are too out there, too adventurous, weird or wonderful, as I embrace all ideas with passion to ensure that you have ‘Your Wedding Your Way!’

You should have you; whatever that looks like!

If any of this resonates with you, please reach out and we can chat more about a fabulous Celebrant Led Ceremony… there is so much more to chat about!

Mini blog written for The Wedding Index by Mandi Murfitt.

Photo Credits to Photosby.Hermione & VP Photography Sussex

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